About forestry

Climate change fighter, job creator.

We're proud to be involved in an industry which plays such a significant role in reducing climate change,
creating jobs and supporting regional economies.


A clean, green industry

South Australian forests store 4.64m tonnes of CO2e each year and are key to helping the nation reduce emission targets and create a healthier world for us all.

Did you know our forests are:

  • Producing wood fibre-based products to replace single-use plastics
  • Producing CLT and GLT engineered timber for construction
  • Creating bio-chemicals and bio-fuels  through wood fibre products

There’s just so much to love about our clean and green forest industry. But there is always more work to be done and we are happy to be in the driver's seat, doing our bit. Fennell Forestry is proud to have commissioned the first carbon-neutral transport alternative for the sector, launching Australia’s first electric log truck on 28 February 2023.

An environmentally friendly transport alternative is the ultimate cherry on top for the already clean and green forestry sector. The future’s looking bright.

Watch this space for updates as we trial our new electric truck on the road and in the bush!

Forestry really is
the ultimate renewable

Timber’s ability to store carbon makes it an environmentally friendly option across the entire supply chain, from the time a seedling is planted in the forest until it is turned into recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly timber products like furniture and housing construction.

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Creating jobs and supporting regional economies

Fennell Forestry is proud to be part of the most productive softwood producing region in Australia, right here in the Green Triangle.

South Australia’s thriving forestry sector is the lifeblood of many regional communities and economies, supporting 21,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Our industry is helping build the nation by producing:

  • 35% of Australia's timber housing
  • 25% of Australia's particleboard
  • 48% of Australia's fibre for packaging
  • 60% of Australia's agricultural timbers
  • 90% of all potting mix used in South Australia